(1) Microphone connector

XLR Neutrik Female connector for connecting any dynamic microphone or a condenser microphone that supports a phantom power voltage of 12V or lower.

(2) Mogami Neglex quad cable

2m (6,5ft) quad-core microphone cable. Extends the distance between the microphone and the mobile device. The quad-core is used to improve the noise cancelling (10 to 20dB) of the connection between the microphone and the preamplifier.

(3) Phantom power switch

The phantom power can be activated and controlled via the uMi Control software. The output voltage can be set between 0 and 12V. We use 12V instead of normally 48V to lower the current drain from the USB port. 12V is sufficient for almost all modern phantom powered microphones. This feature will increase the live time of the mobile device and makes sure the power can be supplied by the mobile device.

(4) Preamplifier

The microphone signal is pre-amplified by an ultra-low noise analogue amplifier with a fixed gain. The preamplifier also provides adequate input impedance, matching most microphones.

(5) Analog to Digital converter

For converting the analogue microphone signal to the digital domain. The converter used is a premium quality 24 bit Cirrus Logic Analogue to Digital converter. The two input channels of the ADC are used to convert one Mono microphone signal. This improves the noise response of the conversion.

(6) Digital Signal Processor

This is the main core of the uMi. The DSP handles the digitally converted audio signal from the ADC to the USB port. The DSP includes a Channel-Strip functionality containing several hardware accelerated DSP effects.

(7) Preset button

Two presets can be stored in the hardware memory of the uMi. The user can switch between these two presets by pressing this button. A blue LED light will indicate the currently active preset.
The push button can also be used to update the firmware of the uMi if needed.

(8) USB port connector

USB-A Male connector compatible with any USB-A port and / or a Lighting connector.